May 15, 2011


Reading a book, seeing a movie, and listening to music can be costly in terms of time and/or money.  I normally try to do my homework before deciding to invest in anything cultural.  Pet Rocks, Gogo Boots, Chia Pets, and Flowbees have burned me enough to know that you just can't hop on board every little platform that comes chugging along -- or you could end up with a closet full of decoupaged wall-hangings in no time flat.  Recently I've been hearing and reading about the dystopian novel 2030 by Albert Brooks, whom you might know as the voice of Marlin the Clownfish in Finding Nemo.  Or maybe you just know him as "Al," who knows?

I found two sources that I trust for recommendations to read this book.  The first is a favorable New York Times Book Review.  How many authors wouldn't kill, or at least maim, for that?  The second recommendation came from a Daily Show interview with Jon Stewart.  Here's the problem:  I believe in triangulation so I need a third source and this time I'd like it to be from somebody I know and somebody who has actually read the book.  Anybody out there willing to stick your neck out for this book?  If you do, I will reward you handsomely with at least two decoupaged pieces straight from my closet.

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