January 2, 2012

The Best of Debutopia (2011 Edition)

The Best of Debutopia (2011 Edition)
is up for sale on Amazon.

It's available only on Kindle (I got a Kindle app for
my iPad 2 and it works great!).

Here's the link to the Kindle store:

My apologies, but I had to delete
all my old blog posts under the parameters that
Kindle Direct Publishing gave me.

Keep an eye out for new posts!

Did you really think I'd stop writing?

January 1, 2012

Debutopia On Kindle

I've removed the majority of my 2011 blog posts, in anticipation of my Kindle book coming out. It should be ready to buy around Tuesday, January 3, 2012. It's 87,000 words for only $5.99 . . . whoever said that talk is cheap was right!

December 12, 2011

Strong Parodies

There's a meme taking the internet by storm.  It began with this Rick Perry "Strong" campaign ad, but has since become the basis for several funny parodies.  I love parodies, so I thought I'd share some of my favorites with you.  Here's the original campaign ad:

November 5, 2011

Don't Watch This Video

If you're happy with the status quo, don't watch this video.

If you're a member of a private social club in Chicago, don't watch this video.

If you're a supporter of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, don't watch this video.

If you're one who doesn't believe in peaceful civil disobedience, don't watch this video.

If you're unsure of the aims & purposes of Occupy Wall Street, don't watch this video.

If you're not ready for some changes around here, don't watch this video.

November 1, 2011

The Shorter End Of The Stick

Shorter University, a Baptist university in Rome, Georgia, decided last week to begin requiring its employees to sign a "personal lifestyle pledge."  Among other promises, the pledge includes the promise that an employee will "reject homosexuality."

Shorter's president, Dr. Don V. Dowless, says that teachers and administrators who don't sign the pledge could lose their jobs:  "I think that anybody that adheres to a lifestyle outside of what the biblical mandate is would not be allowed to continue here." Adhering.  Like tape?  Like red tape?

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