November 5, 2011

Don't Watch This Video

If you're happy with the status quo, don't watch this video.

If you're a member of a private social club in Chicago, don't watch this video.

If you're a supporter of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, don't watch this video.

If you're one who doesn't believe in peaceful civil disobedience, don't watch this video.

If you're unsure of the aims & purposes of Occupy Wall Street, don't watch this video.

If you're not ready for some changes around here, don't watch this video.


  1. Walker got Occupied!

  2. This will not change anything. Occupy Chicago is free to assemble; they are not free to take over public parks and turn them into little tent - cities. Huge difference. They have no constitutional right to take over our (since we paid for the parks with our taxes) parks and public areas the way they have. This particular video isn't that different than the teabaggers shouting during the President's address, or at town hall meetings. I thought that detracted from their message too.

  3. Brace yourself, Kevin. They'll be more of these surprises in Chicago. Perhaps they'll grow on you.

  4. Kevin, it will change everything. You will be amazed to see what free people are free to do. Occupiers pay taxes too. Occupiers fought wars and shed blood to give us all the right to assemble in public spaces at any time of day or night. Corporate interests get to be heard loud and clear every day in every way. Now the People are being heard. What I heard in this video was people saying "with liberty and justice for all" at the same time they praise a man who wants to deny liberty and justice to workers. Now these people are going to be called out on their hypocrisy and greed and they will be called out in very public ways.


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